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This Ad Format Helped Stella & Chewy’s Reach Pet Parents

It’s no secret that collaboration is essential to growth, but the how of it isn’t always so clear—and it's the understanding of how that is a true competitive advantage. Join Adweek X , a uniquely formatted event on December 4 in LA, to unlock fresh perspectives, true collaboration and growth.

To raise brand awareness among pet parents, raw natural pet food company Stella & Chewy’s worked with media strategy agency Exverus Media and advertising experiences company PadSquad for a “Look of Raw Lo

Brand Knowledge Will Level Up Generative AI Search Marketing

As ChatGPT, Bard and AI-enhanced Bing have rolled out to the public, the question on every marketer’s mind has been, “When can we advertise in these results?”

OpenAI, Google and Microsoft have been tight-lipped about when these capabilities will be available, but they’ve certainly alluded to their future. Google has already provided examples of shopping results within its conversational AI-based chat feature, and OpenAI just launched ChatGPT Enterprise, so we know they’re coming.

All of us who

As Exverus Media creates its first AI chatbot, agencies wonder if they're ready for prime time

This week, Exverus Media and meat company John Soules Foods launched their first artificial intelligence chatbot to generate personalized recipes for shoppers — but how safe are consumer apps like this?

As part of John Soules’ larger rebranding effort, the campaign will integrate retail media networks, paid social and programmatic marketing to drive awareness of its meat products. With the AI chatbot recipe picker, people can plug in their preferences, including type of meat and caloric intake,

Exverus Media democratizes data and AI for small brands

The agency started Retail Media Partners, a programmatic trade desk and retail media division, last year to give big agency network-level retail media solutions to its small clients.

Exverus' boundary-breaking practices led to nine new client wins and 48% growth in 2022. The agency, which has 36 full-time employees, calls itself a “female-majority, minority-majority” shop helping to bring more inclusivity to the ad world.

This allows Exverus to give challenger brands a fighting chance against

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